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-"I like pancakes, but I like Bacon Pancakes more" *


WutNeil is one of the Samistine Network's YouTuber. He is an Official YouTube Documentary Keeper. WutNeil is a Trusted-3, Veteran-ranked player in the server with a prefix of YouTuber. He joined during the late 2012s and early 2013s.


WutNeil's hidden talent is building. This skill was revealed due to boredom.


WutNeil is pretty good at helping, nice at others. He really care about someone who is in trouble.

WutNeil's YouTube

WutNeil is one of the YouTuber of the server. He creates Minecraft Machinimas and other stuffs like that. He is now been making documentary video for the server like Trailers, News, etc. (You can find it here https://www.youtube.com/user/WutNeil)