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◄ಠ益ಠ► About ThatGuy

ThatGuy is an AI used in the Samistine PlotMe server. He looks for triggers and fires off a response. Here is a list of known triggers and responses. Please note that if you use /nick (username) will be substituted with your nick.

◄ಠ益ಠ► ThatGuy's triggers/responses

Slap meThatGuy will /slap you(Even if it is not triggered!) and say "Slippity slap, there goes (username)"
What is love?"(username) Baby, don't hurt me, no more."
What is the meaning of life?"(username) The meaning of life is 42."
What is the meaning of 42?"(username) Life as google calls it."
Will you marry me?"(username) Stay away, Stay FAR Away"
What is"(username) Please try another function"
What are you"(username) I am a chat bot"
Im going to jump off a"(username) Do a backflip

Programmed File:

◄ಠ益ಠ► ThatGuyism

Not much is known about this.

◄ಠ益ಠ► Submitting Changes

Please use proper formatting

"Catches" are the things that trigger thatguy, they are to the left of right of left of the colon ":"
"Replies" are the things thatguy says when a trigger is said, they are to the right of the colon ":"

Catches can not contain any non alphanumeric characters other than spaces or underscores
Replies can contain special characters, however if you use special characters you must put the entire reply in quotes using quotation marks

Violent or rude catches and/or replies will not be accepted