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Plots are the base of building on Creative. People will make all sorts of stuff on them. But first, lets see through the eye of a new player. Steve: How do you get a plot, and what to do with it? Steve, such a good question Plots are made for building. Steve: How can you build and work with your plot? But first, you need a plot! Type the following into your screen. /P auto OR if you found a plot that is empty with nobody claiming it, /P claim. Steve: I got my plot, but i want my friend to join me but she can't build. Alex: Yeah! Good question! To add a person to build, Do /P add [playername] Steve: ALEX IS GREIFING! Oh gee golly! Ok, to stop them from building, do /P remove [playername] Steve: Thanks, but i want her off my plot! Now, do /p Deny [playername] Steve: Wrong person! Oh, sorry. Do /p undeny [playername] for them to walk on your plot. Steve: Thanks, anything else? Oh yes, a long list. Lets name them all! /P Auto /P Claim /P Add [Playername] /p Remove [Playername] /p Deny [Playername] /p Undeny [playername] To add all, do /P add *. Or to deny all, do /P deny *. Now, some extras. /P Biomes [Biome-Name] /p Biomelist //wand'This is a different plugin Wait! What is //wand? //WAND Is WORLDEDIT. Worldedit is basicly like advanced building. First, do //WAND. You will get a golden hoe or a wooden axe. Right-Click the area you want first. Then Left-Click the opposite end. Then, for example, do //set Sponge. Some things are banned from our Home server. Like, 'snow'. Or just do //set 80 for full snow. There are also //copy = Right-Click-And-Left-Click-Your-Location-Then-Stand-Infront-Of-it-and-say-//copy. Animals-Can-Be-Copied-Too! //paste = Type-In-//paste-And-you-will-get-your-location-copied-from-your-standing-positon. Animals-Can-Be-Pasted-Too! //undo = Undos what you just did. //redo = Redos what you just undoed. //replace= Replaces a type of block Example: //Replace 80,40,16,83 0

See? Mmmk go have fun now. -HollyMolly

Extras! Steve: I dont want this anymore. How do i dispose of it? Good question! Type /P Dispose Steve: How do i claim it again? Ok, /p claim. Steve: How do i clear it? /P clear confirm yes. Have a good day HollyMolly (talk) 11:43, 24 May 2015 (EDT)HollyMollyHollyMolly (talk) 11:43, 24 May 2015 (EDT)