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What are pets?

Pets are minecraft mobs that will follow you around wharever you go. They can be edited at your own will, be riden and you can wear them as a hat.

How to get almost every pet

You must vote to get almost every pet and i say almost because there are some that are locked. Those ones are CaveSpider, Snow Golem, Giant and Human (Because of a bug). To select a pet either do one of the following:

Using the selector

1. Type /pet selector in the chat.
2. Right-click with your new bone
3. Select a pet in the below menu

Using the chat

1. Type /pet (pet type) in the chat.

Pet Guide

When you join PlotMe you will be given a bone which will be your pet selector. RightClick the bone and a menu is going to appear. Choose your pet in the SpawnEggs and there you go. To edit it just RightClick the pet or use /pet menu.

Pet menus

The pet menu can be accessed by right-clicking the pet, using /pet menu, or using the pet selector. Here are a couple of pet menu samples.

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Other pets

Getting a Doge by bashcowmando bashcommando

1. Get a Wolf pet
2. Name your pet &b&ki&r &2&o&lDoge &b&ki
3. Enjoy


◄ಠ益ಠ► About ThatGuy

ThatGuy is an AI used in the Samistine PlotMe server. He looks for triggers and fires off a response. Here is a list of known triggers and responses. Please note that if you use /nick (username) will be substituted with your nick.

◄ಠ益ಠ► ThatGuy's triggers/responses

Slap meThatGuy will /slap you(Even if it is not triggered!) and say "Slippity slap, there goes (username)"
What is love?"(username) Baby, don't hurt me, no more."
What is the meaning of life?"(username) The meaning of life is 42."
What is the meaning of 42?"(username) Life as google calls it."
Will you marry me?"(username) Stay away, Stay FAR Away"
What is"(username) Please try another function"
What are you"(username) I am a chat bot"
Im going to jump off a"(username) Do a backflip

Programmed File:

◄ಠ益ಠ► ThatGuyism

Not much is known about this.

◄ಠ益ಠ► Submitting Changes

Please use proper formatting

"Catches" are the things that trigger thatguy, they are to the left of right of left of the colon ":"
"Replies" are the things thatguy says when a trigger is said, they are to the right of the colon ":"

Catches can not contain any non alphanumeric characters other than spaces or underscores
Replies can contain special characters, however if you use special characters you must put the entire reply in quotes using quotation marks

Violent or rude catches and/or replies will not be accepted


For now, this page should explain everything you need to know



Warps and pWarps

Regular Warps

Warps can help you get to certain plots or designated locations as determined by the moderator, the owner, or the player. Moderators and the owner can set warps. To find the warps, type /warp.


Basic Commands:

/pwarp <warpname> - Warps to the specified warp.
/pwarp create/set <warpname> || /psetwarp <warpname> - Creates a new public warp called <warpname> at your current location.
/pwarp pcreate/pset <warpname> || /pwarp privatecreate <name> - Create a new private warp called <name> at your current location.
/pwarp delete/remove <warpname> || /pdelwarp <warpname> - Deletes the warp, <warpname>.
/pwarp update <warpname> - Updates the specified warp to the your current position.
/pwarp welcome <warpname> - Changes the welcome message of the specified warp. You will be ask to enter the welcome message afterwards. The message can be made dynamic using special variables.
/pwarp point [warpname] - Points your compass towards the specified warp. To reset the compass, the command can be used without specifying a warp.
/pwarp assets/pinfo/pstats/limits [player] - Lists all warps owned by the [player] together with the corresponding warp-limit.
/pwarp list [-p] [-c creator] [-w world] [#] -Lists all warps you can visit. Use [-c creator] to list warps of the given creator only and [-w world] to list warps of the given world only. If the warps should be listed by popularity, use [-p].
/pwarp search <name> - Searches for warps under the given <name>. Use [-p] if the warps should be listed by popularity.
/pwarp info/stats <warpname> - Gives you all available information about the specified warp.
/pwarp help (#) - Displays the help menu.

Social Commands:

/pwarp give <player> <name> - Gives a player's warp <name> to <player>
/pwarp accept - Accepts a warp that has been given to you by another player.
/pwarp invite <player> <warpname> - Invites <player> to <warpname>.
/pwarp invite <g:group> <name> - Invites all players in permission <group> to <name> (group support needs to be set correctly).
/pwarp uninvite <player> <name> - Uninvites <player> from <name>.
/pwarp uninvite <g:group> <name> - Uninvites all players in permission <g:group> to <name> (group support needs to be set correctly).
/pwarp public <name> - Makes <name> public.
/pwarp private <name> - Makes <name> private. doc waz hear


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List of songs:
[McMusic]1. In the Hand Which Is Connected by a Kiss ( 14th song )
[McMusic]2. A Kind of Magic
[McMusic]3. A Little Piece of Heaven
[McMusic]4. A Nightmare Before Christmas
[McMusic]5. Africa
[McMusic]6. All Star
[McMusic]7. Animals
[McMusic]8. Another One Bites the Dust
[McMusic]9. Auld Lang Syne
[McMusic]10. Axel F - Beverly Hills Cop
[McMusic]11. Axel F
[McMusic]12. Beat It
[McMusic]13. Billie Jean
[McMusic]14. Bohemian Rhapsody
[McMusic]15. Call Me Maybe
[McMusic]16. Can You Feel the Love
[McMusic]17. Canon in D
[McMusic]18. Cara Mia
[McMusic]19. Carol of the Bells
[McMusic]20. Cat's In the Cradle
[McMusic]21. Centerfold
[McMusic]22. Charlie Brown
[McMusic]23. Clocks
[McMusic]24. Comptine D'un Autre ?t?
[McMusic]25. Demons
[McMusic]26. Disturbance
[McMusic]27. Dixie Land
[McMusic]28. DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love
[McMusic]29. Don't Stop Me Now
[McMusic]30. Downtown
[McMusic]31. Dream Lover
[McMusic]32. Dueling Banjos
[McMusic]33. Dynamite
[McMusic]34. Every Little Earthquake
[McMusic]35. Everybody Dance Now
[McMusic]36. Fairy Tail Theme
[McMusic]37. Fireflies
[McMusic]38. Fix You
[McMusic]39. Flight of the Bumblebee
[McMusic]40. Float On
[McMusic]41. Footloose
[McMusic]42. Friday
[McMusic]43. Friends in Low Places
[McMusic]44. Frosty the Snowman
[McMusic]45. Fugue In D Minor
[McMusic]46. F?r Elise (For Elise)
[McMusic]47. Gangnam Style
[McMusic]48. Gerudo Valley
[McMusic]49. Get Lucky
[McMusic]50. Get Ready For This
[McMusic]51. Ghostbusters Theme
[McMusic]52. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
[McMusic]53. Guren No Yumiya (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Theme)
[McMusic]54. Hall of Fame
[McMusic]55. Hammer To Fall
[McMusic]56. Happy
[McMusic]57. He's A Pirate
[McMusic]58. Heart Attack
[McMusic]59. Hey Soul Sister
[McMusic]60. Hold The Line
[McMusic]61. Hotel California
[McMusic]62. Hurts Like Heaven
[McMusic]63. I Am The Doctor
[McMusic]64. I Knew You Were Trouble
[McMusic]65. In the Hall of the Mountain King
[McMusic]66. Indiana Jones Theme
[McMusic]67. It's My Life
[McMusic]68. Johnny B Goode
[McMusic]69. Joy to the World
[McMusic]70. Just Give Me a Reason
[McMusic]71. Let It Be
[McMusic]72. Let Her Go
[McMusic]73. Levels
[McMusic]74. Luigi's Mansion
[McMusic]75. Mad World
[McMusic]76. Techno Syndrome
[McMusic]77. Moves Like Jagger
[McMusic]78. Never Gonna Give You Up
[McMusic]79. Nothing Else Matters
[McMusic]80. Numb
[McMusic]81. Nutcracker Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
[McMusic]82. Russian Dance
[McMusic]83. Waltz of the Flowers
[McMusic]84. Nyan Cat
[McMusic]85. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
[McMusic]86. Ode to Joy
[McMusic]87. Story of My Life
[McMusic]88. Oppan Gangnam Style
[McMusic]89. Pallet Town
[McMusic]90. Papermoon
[McMusic]91. Paradise
[McMusic]92. Party Rock Anthem
[McMusic]93. Payphone
[McMusic]94. Linus and Lucy
[McMusic]95. Pokemon Center Theme
[McMusic]96. Pokemon Red-Blue Title
[McMusic]97. Popcorn
[McMusic]98. Positive Force
[McMusic]99. Princess of China
[McMusic]100. Pushing Onwards
[McMusic]101. Pushing Onwards
[McMusic]102. Radioactive
[McMusic]103. RainbowTylenol
[McMusic]104. Refrain of the Great Lovely War
[McMusic]105. Remedy
[McMusic]106. Reptilia
[McMusic]107. Resonance
[McMusic]108. Rock and Roll All Night
[McMusic]109. Sacrificial
[McMusic]110. Santeria
[McMusic]111. Smells Like Teen Spirit
[McMusic]112. Somebody That I Used to Know
[McMusic]113. Song of Storms
[McMusic]114. Star Spangled Banner
[McMusic]115. Star Fox Theme
[McMusic]116. Steins Gate
[McMusic]117. Still Alive
[McMusic]118. Super Mario Bros. 3: Athletic
[McMusic]119. Superstition
[McMusic]120. Sweden
[McMusic]121. Sweet Child of Mine
[McMusic]122. Take On Me
[McMusic]123. Terraria Theme
[McMusic]124. Tetris A Theme
[McMusic]125. Tetris B Theme
[McMusic]126. The A Team
[McMusic]127. The Edge of Glory
[McMusic]128. The Entertainer
[McMusic]129. The Final Countdown
[McMusic]130. The Lazy Song
[McMusic]131. The Pretender
[McMusic]132. The Scientist
[McMusic]133. Through the Fire and Flames
[McMusic]134. Timber
[McMusic]135. Town Market
[McMusic]136. Turkish March
[McMusic]137. Vanilla Twilight
[McMusic]138. Viva La Vida
[McMusic]139. Want You Gone - Simplified
[McMusic]140. We're not Gonna Take It
[McMusic]141. What I've Done
[McMusic]142. What is Love
[McMusic]143. When I Was Your Man
[McMusic]144. Where No One Goes
[McMusic]145. Winter Wrap Up
[McMusic]146. Wizards in Winter
[McMusic]147. Wrecking Ball
[McMusic]148. Zelda Theme Tune

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