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What are pets?

Pets are minecraft mobs that will follow you around wharever you go. They can be edited at your own will, be riden and you can wear them as a hat.

How to get almost every pet

You must vote to get almost every pet and i say almost because there are some that are locked. Those ones are CaveSpider, Snow Golem, Giant and Human (Because of a bug). To select a pet either do one of the following:

Using the selector

1. Type /pet selector in the chat.
2. Right-click with your new bone
3. Select a pet in the below menu

Using the chat

1. Type /pet (pet type) in the chat.

Pet Guide

When you join PlotMe you will be given a bone which will be your pet selector. RightClick the bone and a menu is going to appear. Choose your pet in the SpawnEggs and there you go. To edit it just RightClick the pet or use /pet menu.

Pet menus

The pet menu can be accessed by right-clicking the pet, using /pet menu, or using the pet selector. Here are a couple of pet menu samples.

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Other pets

Getting a Doge by bashcowmando bashcommando

1. Get a Wolf pet
2. Name your pet &b&ki&r &2&o&lDoge &b&ki
3. Enjoy