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Factions is one of less played samistine servers. Just because its not played that much doesn't mean its not fun. Its actually very fun. Theres a cool vampire plugin wich allows you to have powers (like super speed/jump) Ill list commands below. /buy and /sell are broken atm. Theres also a hero brine plugin so you will most likely get randomly killed or find your house being destroyed. Then theres the average faction plugin. Heres a List of good Commands

Vampire Commands

/v i [name] (tells you if they are vampire or not)

/v o [name] (offers blood to people also can be used to infect)

/v b (get super speed and jump)

Normal Factions Commands

/f claim

/f join [faction name]

/f kick [name]

/f invite [name]

/f leave

/f home

/f power

/f help (for more faction commands)