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List of songs:

[McMusic]1. In the Hand Which Is Connected by a Kiss ( 14th song )
[McMusic]2. A Kind of Magic
[McMusic]3. A Little Piece of Heaven
[McMusic]4. A Nightmare Before Christmas
[McMusic]5. Africa
[McMusic]6. All Star
[McMusic]7. Animals
[McMusic]8. Another One Bites the Dust
[McMusic]9. Auld Lang Syne
[McMusic]10. Axel F - Beverly Hills Cop
[McMusic]11. Axel F
[McMusic]12. Beat It
[McMusic]13. Billie Jean
[McMusic]14. Bohemian Rhapsody
[McMusic]15. Call Me Maybe
[McMusic]16. Can You Feel the Love
[McMusic]17. Canon in D
[McMusic]18. Cara Mia
[McMusic]19. Carol of the Bells
[McMusic]20. Cat's In the Cradle
[McMusic]21. Centerfold
[McMusic]22. Charlie Brown
[McMusic]23. Clocks
[McMusic]24. Comptine D'un Autre ?t?
[McMusic]25. Demons
[McMusic]26. Disturbance
[McMusic]27. Dixie Land
[McMusic]28. DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love
[McMusic]29. Don't Stop Me Now
[McMusic]30. Downtown
[McMusic]31. Dream Lover
[McMusic]32. Dueling Banjos
[McMusic]33. Dynamite
[McMusic]34. Every Little Earthquake
[McMusic]35. Everybody Dance Now
[McMusic]36. Fairy Tail Theme
[McMusic]37. Fireflies
[McMusic]38. Fix You
[McMusic]39. Flight of the Bumblebee
[McMusic]40. Float On
[McMusic]41. Footloose
[McMusic]42. Friday
[McMusic]43. Friends in Low Places
[McMusic]44. Frosty the Snowman
[McMusic]45. Fugue In D Minor
[McMusic]46. F?r Elise (For Elise)
[McMusic]47. Gangnam Style
[McMusic]48. Gerudo Valley
[McMusic]49. Get Lucky
[McMusic]50. Get Ready For This
[McMusic]51. Ghostbusters Theme
[McMusic]52. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
[McMusic]53. Guren No Yumiya (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Theme)
[McMusic]54. Hall of Fame
[McMusic]55. Hammer To Fall
[McMusic]56. Happy
[McMusic]57. He's A Pirate
[McMusic]58. Heart Attack
[McMusic]59. Hey Soul Sister
[McMusic]60. Hold The Line
[McMusic]61. Hotel California
[McMusic]62. Hurts Like Heaven
[McMusic]63. I Am The Doctor
[McMusic]64. I Knew You Were Trouble
[McMusic]65. In the Hall of the Mountain King
[McMusic]66. Indiana Jones Theme
[McMusic]67. It's My Life
[McMusic]68. Johnny B Goode
[McMusic]69. Joy to the World
[McMusic]70. Just Give Me a Reason
[McMusic]71. Let It Be
[McMusic]72. Let Her Go
[McMusic]73. Levels
[McMusic]74. Luigi's Mansion
[McMusic]75. Mad World
[McMusic]76. Techno Syndrome
[McMusic]77. Moves Like Jagger
[McMusic]78. Never Gonna Give You Up
[McMusic]79. Nothing Else Matters
[McMusic]80. Numb
[McMusic]81. Nutcracker Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
[McMusic]82. Russian Dance
[McMusic]83. Waltz of the Flowers
[McMusic]84. Nyan Cat
[McMusic]85. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
[McMusic]86. Ode to Joy
[McMusic]87. Story of My Life
[McMusic]88. Oppan Gangnam Style
[McMusic]89. Pallet Town
[McMusic]90. Papermoon
[McMusic]91. Paradise
[McMusic]92. Party Rock Anthem
[McMusic]93. Payphone
[McMusic]94. Linus and Lucy
[McMusic]95. Pokemon Center Theme
[McMusic]96. Pokemon Red-Blue Title
[McMusic]97. Popcorn
[McMusic]98. Positive Force
[McMusic]99. Princess of China
[McMusic]100. Pushing Onwards
[McMusic]101. Pushing Onwards
[McMusic]102. Radioactive
[McMusic]103. RainbowTylenol
[McMusic]104. Refrain of the Great Lovely War
[McMusic]105. Remedy
[McMusic]106. Reptilia
[McMusic]107. Resonance
[McMusic]108. Rock and Roll All Night
[McMusic]109. Sacrificial
[McMusic]110. Santeria
[McMusic]111. Smells Like Teen Spirit
[McMusic]112. Somebody That I Used to Know
[McMusic]113. Song of Storms
[McMusic]114. Star Spangled Banner
[McMusic]115. Star Fox Theme
[McMusic]116. Steins Gate
[McMusic]117. Still Alive
[McMusic]118. Super Mario Bros. 3: Athletic
[McMusic]119. Superstition
[McMusic]120. Sweden
[McMusic]121. Sweet Child of Mine
[McMusic]122. Take On Me
[McMusic]123. Terraria Theme
[McMusic]124. Tetris A Theme
[McMusic]125. Tetris B Theme
[McMusic]126. The A Team
[McMusic]127. The Edge of Glory
[McMusic]128. The Entertainer
[McMusic]129. The Final Countdown
[McMusic]130. The Lazy Song
[McMusic]131. The Pretender
[McMusic]132. The Scientist
[McMusic]133. Through the Fire and Flames
[McMusic]134. Timber
[McMusic]135. Town Market
[McMusic]136. Turkish March
[McMusic]137. Vanilla Twilight
[McMusic]138. Viva La Vida
[McMusic]139. Want You Gone - Simplified
[McMusic]140. We're not Gonna Take It
[McMusic]141. What I've Done
[McMusic]142. What is Love
[McMusic]143. When I Was Your Man
[McMusic]144. Where No One Goes
[McMusic]145. Winter Wrap Up
[McMusic]146. Wizards in Winter
[McMusic]147. Wrecking Ball
[McMusic]148. Zelda Theme Tune