Change DNS to Google's TUTURIAL

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1. Get to "Network and Sharing Center":

In the bottom right corner of your screen you should see a networking icon, this may appear as a wifi icon if you are connected using wifi.

You will need to right click on it

You should be presented with something similar to this

You will now need to click on your primary connection, for some of you this will look slightly different if you are using wifi.

A new window should open, it should look similar to this.

You will now need to click on properties.

You will now be presented with a box similiar to this

Use the scroll bar until you find , click it once (so it highlights), it should then look like this.

Then click properties.

You will then be presented with this:


After you have done that, you can now enter data into the two boxes, Your preferred DNS server will be, and your Alternate will be

Click okay.

You are now done, go ahead and close out of the other windows.