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* [[Staff|'''Staff Members''']]
* [[Staff|'''Staff Members''']]
* [[GeneralServerInfo|'''Texture Pack''']]
* [[GeneralServerInfo|'''Texture Pack''']]
* [[Public Repos]]
'''Server Links'''
'''Server Links'''

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Welcome to the Samistine Wiki

Please be weary that any content submitted by users may not be valid, this is a compunity wiki, and should be treated as such.

Official Links

Applications are now available! https://samistine.com/apply Please look here for more info


Server Links

Inserting Images

We would prefer you to re-upload your images to Imgur or another reputable imaging site.
If using Imgur you can use the shorthand tags <imgur>xGPjZqe.png</imgur>
If you would like to specify the width: <imgur w="100">xGPjZqe.png</imgur>
Image tags <img> are also allowed. http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_img.asp


All information provided on this website is provided without warranty. By using this website, you agree not to hold us liable for any results this website might cause. If you discover horrendous or illegal content, please contact us at help@samistine.com, so we can take it down ASAP

By submitting content you agree to the following terms an conditions.
1. These terms are subject to change, each time you submit content you are henceforth binding yourself to the new terms.
2. Unless otherwise stated, written content submitted by non-staff members shall be licenced under the MIT License.